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TrekDesk ™ threadmill desk allows people to walk at slow speeds without sweating while they work.

Designed by a team of engineers, manufacturing and sales professionals committed to developing health and productivity enhancement products, this desk can accommodate virtually any treadmill and built based on the premise that sitting for long periods in chairs are making us fat and unhealthy. This threadmill desk offers many benefits including health restoration, disease prevention, increased productivity and cognitive abilities, mood enhancement, stress reduction as well as potentially 50 – 70 pounds of annual weight loss.

According to the makers, some distinct advantages of Trekdesk over its competitors include design, function, flexibility, durability and up to 70% less in cost.

Feedback & Assessment

Actual Consumer Feedback

“… I’m struggling to eat enough calories to maintain my weight without losing more. We love the trek desk! …”

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“… Never had time for the Gym, and now I’ve had to buy a smaller belt! …”

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“… The treadmill desk is an excellent solution. So far I have lost … pounds and cut my cholesterol …”

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Reportedly priced much lower than its competitors, TrekDesk treadmill desk also offers more desktop area with a space larger than many desk surfaces. It allows you to walk the 5 miles daily as recommended by the US Surgeon-General, achieveable in 3-4 hours. This product enjoys positive feedback both published on the merchant website as well as those found on third party websites / forums. It is built to last a lifetime although there is the drawback of a relatively short money back guarantee duration that is part and parcel of the merchant’s fulfillment arrangement with Amazon.

While the return duration could be better, this does appear to be an effective product that you can purchase and use to lose weight as validated by the various customer feedback. Should you have any questions while using the product, you may contact the merchant for assistance via phone or the online contact form.

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Additional Details

Company Information

You can buy Trekdesk Treadmill Desk online from www.trekdesk.com, a domain registered since Dec 2007.

Ordering Options: Online
Payment Options: Major credit & charge cards, Paypal
Delivery: United States Postal Service.

[Note: TrekDesk has partnered with Amazon.com (Amazon A-to-z Guarantee) to handle credit card transaction as well as shipping within the United States, returns and order tracking.]

Specifications / Additional Details About Product

Detailed Features include:

1. Accessory Slots: Keeps accessories in place on the desktop.
2. Large work surface ( 72 inches by 34 inches) larger than most desks.
3. Beveled edges for comfort and appearance.
4. Height adjustment console (adjust to perfect ergonomic position for typing).
5. Strong, durable, metal base support system.
6. Allows utilization of incline features of an added treadmill.
7. Logo area.
8. Center “cut out” keeps treadmill controls and accessories within reach.
9. Manuscript holder keeps books, magazines, papers upright for easy reading.
10. Phone Stand/File Tray: Great organizational feature.
11. Stability support struts add stability to the desktop.
12. Robust metal support arms for added strength and durability.
13. Two (2) Cup Holders /Miscellaneous: Perfect for your water bottle.
14. TrekDesk works with nearly any existing treadmill. Built to last a lifetime.


Online pricing of USD$ 479. Free shipping deals.

Return Policy

Guaranteed by A-to-z Program from Amazon.com. New or unopened items sold and fulfilled may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

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