Transformulas Waistline2 (WL2)

Transformulas ™ Waistline 2 (also known as Waistline2 or WL2) is described as an offering that can supposedly support your goals to lose weight and be healthy.

As part of a range of products designed to promote an “AGELESS” body, this food supplement has been formulated to help support your metabolic rate, increase energy level as well as maintain a healthy weight. In particular, this vegan-friendly product can support your diet regime by maintaining normal fat digestion and appetite control.

According to the merchant, this is a superb combination offering that really works to help you start a new healthy lifestyle with more long term benefits.

Feedback & Assessment

Actual Consumer Feedback

“… they are effective and I will purchase these again …”

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“… they are doing wonders …”

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“… I have brought the new pills waisteline 2 and I am losing the weight slowly but surely. I havent had any side affects …”

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This is a product with well-known herbal ingredients that we were able to find positive customer reviews on several third party websites and forums. However, Transformulas Waisteline 2 is among the higher priced weight loss aids that we have reviewed todate. We also feel that many first time consumers may find the merchant’s return policy to be too strict.

Notwithstanding the strict return policy and its higher price tag, Transformulas Waistline 2 seems to be an effective product based on third party user reviews. Also, do bear in mind that the merchant has a customer support team that you can contact should you need any assistance when using the product.

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Additional Details

Company Information

Transformulas Waistline 2 can be purchased online from, a slimming and well-being online store that claims to assist in the transformation of lives by boosting self confidence.

Ordering Options: Online, Phone
Payment Options: Major credit & charge cards, Paypal
Delivery: 1 – 14 working days, depending on the country / location

Specifications / Additional Details About Product

Active ingredients: Maqui Berry, Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Chromium, L-Theanine, Spirurlina

Other ingredients: Magnesium, StearateSilicon, DioxideCapsule, HPMC Vegetable source


Retails at USD$ $73.00 (approx) for 60 capsule pack. Free Bonuses and Special Offer Deals.

Return Policy / Warranty Information

Refund for unopened items within 28 days of purchase.

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